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Hi everyone~~~ ^_^

My name is Nancy. I am of Japanese descent, but I was born and raised in America. I am bilingual in Japanese and English. I received my Bachelor of Arts in Asian Studies and Japanese Language/Literature at the University of Hawaii at Manoa in Fall 2013.

This blog originally started off as a part of my service project for the Gilman and Freeman Study Abroad scholarships that I received in Spring 2013 to study abroad at Kansai University in Suita, Osaka, Japan I completed my semester at Kansai, and returned home to finish college, in late August 2013.

Despite returning home to Hawaii, I wanted to get back to Japan as soon as I could. So I applied for the JET Program in late 2013 and started the longest journey ever. At the end of the long journey, I was accepted into JET as a Coordinator of International Relations (CIR.) If all goes well, I will be off to Japan again in August 2014!

So, I just found out I got accepted into the JET Program as a CIR (Coordinator of International Relations.) If everything goes according to schedule, I’ll be back in Japan in August.

But before that, I want to start blogging about the whole JET application/interview process for CIRs. I feel like most of the guides out there for JET are for ALTs.. (That would make sense, since most of JET is ALTs) But still, I think if there was a guide for CIR applicants, it would be so awesome. :D 

I’m thinking over the next week, I’ll start writing some blog entries detailing the whole JET application process. I want to do this while the memory of the process is still pretty fresh. 

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