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Hi everyone~~~ ^_^

My name is Nancy. I am of Japanese descent, but I was born and raised in America. I am bilingual in Japanese and English. I received my Bachelor of Arts in Asian Studies and Japanese Language/Literature at the University of Hawaii at Manoa in Fall 2013.

This blog originally started off as a part of my service project for the Gilman and Freeman Study Abroad scholarships that I received in Spring 2013 to study abroad at Kansai University in Suita, Osaka, Japan I completed my semester at Kansai, and returned home to finish college, in late August 2013.

Despite returning home to Hawaii, I wanted to get back to Japan as soon as I could. So I applied for the JET Program in late 2013 and started the longest journey ever. At the end of the long journey, I was accepted into JET as a Coordinator of International Relations (CIR.) I am scheduled to head to Katsuyama City, Fukui Prefecture in early August!

Things that bother me as a foreigner in Japan


Just because I teach English, does not automatically mean I love everything that is English or that I think English is the best thing ever.

Like seriously.

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Quick update

It is now the end of the August. I have been in Fukui for over three weeks.

Haven’t been feeling physically well. Been under a lot of stress and what not. It got to the point that my body was giving out, so I ended up going to the hospital yesterday. Meds have been helping, but still far from being 100%.

It might be a while before I post a full length blog entry. I really hope I can come back with a full length post, because theres been so many things that have happened.

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3.5 Days until Departure

So, it is now 30th of July 1:12AM. I officially leave for Tokyo in about 3.5 days.

I’ve pretty much packed a lot of the things I am taking into a box and sending it ahead of time. I’m using a 18 by 18 by 24 inch box, but I still have more things to send. I learned my lesson from last time I went to Japan, that lugging around a huge ass suitcase on the train is not fun. Therefore, I’m taking the bare minimum of clothes and toiletries that I need.

Besides packing, I finished my last day of my job on Sunday. Went out with my coworkers after and returned my work uniform. Been hanging out with my friends and what not. Slowly and surely, I am getting ready. 

I received an email from my CO who basically outlined what my first day will be like. Apparently I’m traveling by train for about four hours from Tokyo to my placement. My supervisor and my supervisor’s supervisor is meeting me at the station to take me to City Hall to meet the mayor. After that, I’m going out to dinner with my department. Sounds super busy, and honestly I’m a little worried whether I’ll have enough energy or not.. -__-

I’m a little apprehensive of what it’ll be like, but in some ways I’m excited to be moving to a new phase of my life. 

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2.5 Weeks Before Departure

So, I haven’t been updating recently… And I’m very sorry. -_- To be honest I sometimes completely forget about this blog. >_<

Time has really flown by. Since the last update, I’ve gotten in contact with my predecessor as well as the city hall that I’ll be working in. I’ve done a lot of the paperwork that needed to be done (flight information, visa paperwork, international license, etc) Today was also the last day for me at one of my jobs, which made me realize how soon it already is.

One of the things I did before I left for Japan last year for study abroad, was to have an idea of some things that I wanted to accomplish there. Some of these are intangible things that are some what hard to judge whether I was able to do it or not. It some ways, its like a reminder to myself why I am going to Japan and my reasons for going there. I think its so easy to lose sight of the reason and the purpose of doing something, and this helps me to focus on my future goals.

Besides some self reflection, I’ve accomplished quite a few things in the past months. I successfully got my drivers license in three weeks as well as slowly reduce the amount of things I have. I’ve started to buy clothes that I need for work, etc. By far, the most difficult thing out of all of these would be clothes shopping. (I’ve never been good at clothes shopping..) 

I am super excited. And while I do sometimes feel as if I could stay in this comfort zone with all the people and environment that I’m so used to, I know I have to push and challenge myself to new things. 

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Quick Update: Placement Notification

Just received word like two hours ago, of where in Japan I will be spending the next year, starting in August.

If I get a drum roll please…

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A Brief Outline to Applying for the JET Program

So a little over a month ago, I promised to write a blog entry related to the process of applying for JET.. I sorta got distracted and haven’t done it, but I’m SUPER bored at work right now. (There really isn’t anything to do on a Saturday night..) So, I decided that I’ll take advantage of this time to write this entry.

(*Disclaimer: I applied through the Honolulu Consulate, and this strictly reflects only my experiences. It is possible that the process for those who applied through the consulate/embassy in America is similar, but by no means is it the same.)

I hope this helps those who are even remotely interested in applying for JET to get a rough idea of how the application process goes. 

Timeline for JET Program 2014 Process:

October 6th (2013): JET Application goes online.*
November 26th: (First) application due date.**
December 3rd: (Revised) application due date.**
January 21st (2014): Application Results released.
February 21st: Interview at Honolulu Consulate
April 1st: Interview Results
April 25th: Deadline to accept/decline position
May 19: Placement information from Consulate
June 25: Email from Predecessor

*There were some issues with accessing the online application for some people. However, I didn’t experience such trouble, so I’m sticking with the Oct. 6 date.

**There was speculation as to why the deadline was pushed back a week, but some people said it was the application had issues while others said it was due to the government shutdown. Either way, the application deadline is usually at the end of November.

This post is still incomplete, and I am planning to add more dates to it, such as when I find my placement and what not. Just updated it (7/19), so it includes when I got my placement and heard from my predecessor. I’m also thinking of breaking down the whole process into multiple parts: Application, Interview, etc. 

If anyone has questions or anything about the JET program or about the application process for CIRs, feel free to ask! I’ll try to answer the questions the best I can. 

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So, I just found out I got accepted into the JET Program as a CIR (Coordinator of International Relations.) If everything goes according to schedule, I’ll be back in Japan in August.

But before that, I want to start blogging about the whole JET application/interview process for CIRs. I feel like most of the guides out there for JET are for ALTs.. (That would make sense, since most of JET is ALTs) But still, I think if there was a guide for CIR applicants, it would be so awesome. :D 

I’m thinking over the next week, I’ll start writing some blog entries detailing the whole JET application process. I want to do this while the memory of the process is still pretty fresh. 

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